Wrinkle-free Injections

Wrinkle-free Injections

Would you like your skin to look younger, to turn back the clock to when it was smoother and less prone to fine lines and wrinkles?

Is there an area of your face - perhaps lines around your eyes or mouth - that makes you look sad and tired?

Do you want to feel more confident about your appearance but you’re not sure about plastic surgery?

Wrinkle-free injections using Botox® can deliver outstanding results in terms of rejuvenating your face and drastically improving or even removing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

How do wrinkle-free injections work?

Botox® is a brand name for wrinkle-free injections using Botulinum Toxin type A. Botox treatment is probably the most popular cosmetic medical treatment for facial lines and wrinkles in the UK and can be used successfully in combination with other rejuvenation treatments.

Using very fine needles, we are able to inject Botox® into targeted points on your face to temporarily stop specific muscles from contracting. This serves to smooth out the appearance of lines and wrinkles that occur as a result of repeated facial expressions.

Botox® has an excellent safety record and the results are temporary, typically last four to six months. Most of our clients choose to have regular appointments to keep their treatment topped up.

We can use wrinkle-free injections with Botox® to treat common problems such as crow’s feet, smokers’ lines, brow lines, and lines around your nose and mouth.

What’s next?

The best thing to do before deciding whether to have a wrinkle-free injection treatment is to book a free consultation. This will give you the opportunity to discuss the problem areas you’d like to treat, ask lots of questions and get a realistic perspective on what wrinkle-free injections could achieve for you.

To book your free one-hour consultation, simply call us on 01772 253 443 so that we can arrange a convenient appointment time. You can also email us at smile-adviser@adelphidentalcare.co.uk.

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