White Fillings

White Fillings

Do you hate the look of your old amalgam (metal) fillings? Perhaps you’re worried about the use of mercury in amalgam fillings? Would you like a filling that looks almost invisible to the casual onlooker, especially when you smile or laugh?

White fillings are a fantastic way of preserving the appearance of your smile, while restoring the form and function of a tooth.

How do white fillings work?

We can make white fillings out of a range of different composite materials. In the past, white fillings lacked the strength and longevity of amalgam fillings but improvements to composite materials mean that they now offer comparable strength in most cases, as well as a natural-looking finish that can be perfectly colour-matched to your surrounding teeth.

How long a white filling will last depends on where it is in your mouth and how it’s affected by your bite. One of the greatest benefits is that your filling will be almost impossible to see.

What’s next?

If you’d like to find out more about replacing your existing amalgam fillings or having a new white filling, it’s best to book an appointment so that we can look at your individual case and talk through your options.

<strong>Simply call [01772 253 443](tel:01772 253 443 “phone number”) and we can arrange a convenient appointment time for you. You can also email us at adelphi@live.co.uk

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