B12 Injection

B12 Injection

Feeling run down and tired all of the time? Find it difficult to become motivated or stay focused? Feeling low in mood or energy levels? Struggle to sleep or fight off infections? You may be deficient in Vitamin B12. Good news though, you can get the Vitamin B12 Injection here at Adelphi Dental Care

What is the vitamin B12 Injection?

The vitamin B12 injection is an extremely effective way to enjoy a natural boost to your health.

B12 is a water-soluble vitamin that is naturally found in some foods. So much more than just a nice-to-have vitamin, B12 is essential for ensuring the correct function of your blood cells, nerves, and brain.

With so many food allergies, lifestyle choices, and dietary preferences now a normal part of daily life, it can be difficult to make sure you are always getting the vitamins and nutrients you need. Because it’s mainly found in animal-based products, those who follow a vegetarian or vegan diet are often more likely to be vitamin B12 deficient.

Our Vitamin B12 injection at Adelphi Dental Care is a quick, safe and effective way of giving your body and your mind a healthy dose of TLC.

What’s next?

As with any treatment, if you’re considering B12 Injection we’d recommend that you book a consultation. The consultation is a fantastic and pressure-free way to explore your options.

To book yours, simply call [01772 253 443] and we’ll arrange a convenient appointment time for you. You can also email us at adelphi@live.co.uk

I cannot tell you how grateful I am that you could fit me in on the same day as I broke my tooth.

Ryan, Garstang